The experience of Triflor

In the international tulip logistics network of Triflor in the Netherlands Utilysys® folding crates fit in very well.

Annually Triflor exports about 65 miljon tulip bulbs from the Netherlands, 2/3 of which is headed for American cutflower growers. Furthermore over 47 miljon flowerbulbs travel directly from New Sealand to the USA and Canada.

The production area consists of 220 hectares of tulips in three regions:
– The Netherlands: approx. 100 ha.
– France (Avignon): approx. 20 ha.
– New Sealand: approx. 100 ha.
Part of this is contract cultivation for principals
The harvested flowerbulbs from these locations are partly exported, partly used for the company’s own cutfower production and partly used for wholesale.



Tulpenkade 1

1734 JP Oude Niedorp


Phone  +31 226 421 689