The experience of VWS Flowerbulbs

Lily bulbs are delivered in crates by bulb growers
at VWS Flowerbulbs. To prepare these bulbs for conditioning
and then for export, they are first rinsed and then packed.
The latter is done on the fully automated lilybulb packaging lines.
Watch this video yourself.

Thanks to the spontaneous cooperation at this company, we were able                                                                                                                   to test the processing of Utilysys® crates on the automated packaging line                                                                                                            and the automated stacker.

Lily bulbs in Utilysys® crates are being packed efficiently just like in                                                                                                                        rigid Lily crates on automated processing lines. VWS-Flowerbulbs                                                                                                                         ships to customers in more than 60 countries.

VWS Flowerbulbs
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