The experience of Warmerdam Spoelbedrijf

The owner or user of Utilysys® folding crates decides for himself if and where the crates are cleaned after use. And how that happens. Warmerdam Spoelbedrijf is one of the companies that carries out many assignments in this area.

The process

The cleaning of crates is initially done with a lot of water so that all organic residues are easily removed. After this, the crates are disinfected in a hot water cleaner. After this treatment, the crates can also be dried, so that the client receives a perfectly clean, bacteria- and mold-free and dry product.


A lot of water is used to rinse products. That is why it is very important to ensure that the water is reused. Warmerdam Spoelbedrijf has invested a great deal in the development of filter systems in order to minimize environmental impact. Currently, rinsing water is no longer discharged into the surface water or into the sewer, but everything is filtered and reused.
Water samples are taken from the rinsing water several times a year to check whether the water is still clean enough to continue rinsing. This is done by independent and impartial agencies.


There are 1.168 solar panels on the roof of Warmerdam Spoelbedrijf in Noordwijkerhout. Together they provide 350.000 kWh renewable energy annually.

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