• How can I calculate my benefit?

    The specific business situation of your company in combination with your customer(s) is decisive. As a tool for calculating the financial benefit of Utilysys® crates in your situation, the Utilysys Foundation offers a calculation model that can be downloaded on the Product page of this website.
  • Can the Utilysys® crate also be manufactured in a different version?

    Utilysys® crates can optionally be manufactured with a special identifier or in a different color or in virgin (non-recycled) material. Applying an in-mold barcode or a QR code or RFID is also an option. For customization you can contact our dealer (for companies in flowerbulbs) Twinpack BV or (for companies in perennials) Van Krimpen BV.
  • Are there affordable stacking machines on the market already?

    There are machine stackers in operation in the flowerbulb industry. The economic feasibility is partly determined by the number of hours that these machines can be used. In other industries, also machines are used for folding open and closing folding crates.
  • Are empty crates charged with VAT on return transport to the EU?

    If you import goods from a non-EU country, you pay VAT. This rule also applies to the return transport of empty crates. If you not want to do this at Customs you can also account for it in your VAT return? This way you pay nothing on balance and you prevent unnecessary confiscation of your liquidity. You can read more about applying for a permit here.


  • How high can the crate be stacked and is it as strong as a lily crate?

    Tests have shown that the Utilysys® crate is just as strong as the rigid lily crate.
  • Is the design protected?

    The manufacturer of Utilysys® crates has intellectual property rights on the design. The Utilysys Foundation owns the brand.
  • What if a crate breaks?

    With normal use, for purposes for which the Utilysys® crate is designed, this will not happen. We recommend that you pay proper attention to the user manual. In most cases, loose panels can easily be clicked on again. Utilysys Foundation recommends handing in a crate that should be considered lost due to damage to the crate owner. This will provide for settlement and recycling.
  • Have ventilation tests been executed?

    The ventilation properties of the Utilysys® folding crate are optimal. Comparative tests have been executed by PPO-Lisse (a subsection of Wageningen University and Research). In general, it can be said that the ventilation decreases the smaller the size of the flowerbulb. Perhaps a lower sized folding crate will have to be developed for some products.

    Return, cleaning and storage

  • Do the crates have to be returned clean and free of stickers?

    This depends on mutual agreements between supplier and buyer. Utilysys Foundation hereby advises to return crates clean and free of stickers. The folding crate is provided with label holders, so the use of adhesive stickers is not necessary.
  • On which pallets can crates be returned?

    Supplier and buyer must make mutual agreements on this. Utilysys Foundation recommends using clean, undamaged pallets always.
  • Where are the crates cleaned?

    The owner of the Utilysys® crates is free to choose where the crates will be cleaned. Utilysys Foundation advises you to consult the user manual. A specialized cleaning company will generally perform the cleaning according to standard specifications.
  • Are the crates collected in a depot?

    The user will generally store empty crates in his own storadge and arrange the return transport according to the agreement with the owner of the Utilysys® crates. A good alternative is to outsource storage and transport to a logistics service provider. You can obtain more information about this at Container Centralen Benelux.

    Open pool

  • What does participation in the open pool cost?

    After purchasing Utilysys® crates, there are no costs for participating in the open pool. Possibly owners of Utilysys® crates can decide themselves to participate pool services against payment. More information can be obtained at Container Centralen Benelux.
  • Is my company obliged to participate in the open pool?

    As the owner of Utilysys® folding crates, you are free to choose whether you want to participate in crate pool activities. Most crate owners operate solo, but there are also partnerships. Collaboration can be lucrative. If you start operating in a crate pool, collaboration with a service provider can have advantages. Get well informed about this at Container Centralen Benelux.
  • Can growers also use the open pool?

    If flowerbulb or perennial growers pack in Utilysys® crates at the request of the trader, this prevents repackaging. Growers can also purchase Utilysys® crates themselves to fill with flowerbulbs or perennials. Upon delivery to the buyer there is a choice to exchange full for empty, to charge a deposit or to settle the value of the crates.
  • How does the open pool work abroad?

    Everyone in the flowerbulb and perennial industry can buy Utilysys® crates and exchange or settle them with other companies. This is also possible without participation in the open pool. The cost benefits of an open pool are attractive and will be greater as the number of users increases.