Utilysys comes with a new basic version

January 12, 2016 - The Utilysys® folding crate for storage and transport of flowerbulbs and perennials is now available in a new basic version. The crate model with the unique lift-lock closure is unchanged. Choosing a new basic version, the functionality is closely aligned with the current use of Utilysys® crates in the flowerbulb industry. Some luxury features have been omitted. As a result, the new crate meets all requirements.  Because of the lower price a switch to plastic reusable packaging has become more attractive for more companies.


Interchangeability within the flowerbulb industry but also using it for other products has been leading when the Utilysys® crate was designed in the previous decade. A number of choices have been tailored to this. The Utilysys® folding crate has now been in full use for a number of years by around ten companies. Most extras have not been utilized. That is why the new basic version has no embedded barcode and it is made from recycled material in the color black. The crate dimensions and the stacking strength remain unchanged according to the standard that Utilysys Foundation applies for this read more . In consultation with our dealer (for companies in the flower bulbs) Twinpack BV or (for companies in perennials) Van Krimpen BV, the Utilysys® crate is also available in a customized version.
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