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For Ruud Westerbeek and Marcel Pennings of Westerbeek Bulb Company, flowerbulbs for the production of cutflowers and potted plants are core business. Westerbeek ships most of the flowerbulbs in Utilysys® folding crates. “The bulbs come partly from our own cultivation or from contracted bulb growers from all over the world.”

At this Dutch grower (photo above), the Tulips are packed in Utilysys® crates. In Noordwijkerhout the bulbs are checked for quality, sorted and counted (photo below) before being subjected to a temperature treatment in one of the tempersature controlled rooms.

Besides Tulip also other flowerbulbs like Daffodil, Hyacinth, Crocus and Iris travel perfectly comfortable in Utilysys® folding crates.

The pallets with flowerbulbs leave the company in a refrigerated shipping container. Along the way the temperature in the container is measured and recorded. Accurate loading is a must to ensure that no damage occurs on the way. The flowerbulbs reach their destination at cutflower and potted plant growers in the USA and Canada. The sea containers with flowerbulbs go directly to the customer or are (for smaller shipments) unloaded in Westerbeeks distribution center to be distributed among various customers.

After planting the flower bulbs, the customer collects the empty collapsed crates until there are enough to fill a dry shipping container. Then the crates come back to Westerbeek to be prepared for their next trip.

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