Draft return packaging regulations

September 27, 2019 - In collaboration with EVO-Fenedex - branche organisation for export companies- the Utilysys Foundation has prepared a guide. Using this you can draw up additional conditions regarding reusable packaging. It is of course always the responsibility of the supplier and customer to properly record the formulations they have chosen in the delivery conditions and in the quotation.

Why is this important?

Who owns the crates when your products are sent in returnable crates? How do you ensure that your crates will be returned? And what happens if they don't come back or are damaged? How do you prevent hassle? Questions that you want answered if you are considering shipping flowerbulbs in folding crates to your customer. The most important thing is that your customer is satisfied with your products. Thats's why you want all side issues to be properly arranged. So you make good agreements with your customer about packaging.

Additional terms

In 'terms and conditions of sale', return packaging is usually not taken into account.  The Utilysys 'Concept Retourfust Reglement' can serve as an example. When using Utilysys® crates, it is also important that the buyer and seller determine what the deposit obligation will be. The buyer and seller can adjust their administration accordingly. The numbers and quality of the crates can be properly documented by all parties when the bill of loading is used correctly, so no extra documents are required upon delivery.

Buyer and seller

In the most common situation, the trader / exporter owns the Utilysys® crates and organizes the return transport of empty crates to relieve his customer. However, by using the words 'buyer' and 'seller', these regulations can also be used when purchasing the products from the grower. The word purchase agreement in these regulations can be both the order between the trader and his buyer and also the purchase note between the trader and the grower. The agreed conditions for return packaging can be attached to both types agreements just mentioned. Companies in the industry can obtain the Utilysys 'Concept Retourfust Reglement' by sending an email to info@utilysys.nl. Only available in Dutch.
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